About: What is going on?

At the end of five years at IIT Madras, crawling towards an MA in Development Studies, we all were surrounded by that dreaded question of what was next. This is supposed to be the one stop diary to the daily struggles and celebrations of figuring it out.

In my five years at college, I discovered my love for ‘field work’ and all things teaching. I loved the high of working with kids, loved transferring my fascination for English and loved the space of the library and all the potential it promised. So when I was asked ‘what next,’ I found myself a quaint little village on the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala to figure it out. For now, the next was everything I was sure I loved – children, English and the field.

So this is it. For the next few months, I will teach English as a Second Language to classes 6 through 10 at a school catering to the children of the local tribes. I will try and remember I am the teacher and not the student, that they turn to me to ask for permissions and that I am meant to know the answers.And through it all,  I will write it all down, mostly for me but hopefully, for you too.


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