Visitors at 9 PM

At the outset, you should know that visitors are dicey where I live. Who comes, at what time of day, for what purpose, everything has to be thought through to make sure all the appropriate boxes have been checked. More often than not, most just avoid the hassle. Today was different, though. Today was a first.

The scene was so amusing that someone was taking pictures. I have never seen anything like this before, she said. She stood in the dark, a few steps behind me, with a water bottle in one hand and her phone in the other, taking pictures of this amusing scene that unfolded before her. We were standing at my door step, and with us for company were eight 10th graders. But I get ahead of myself.

A few months ago, at the start of this term, I walked into my 9th and 10th grade classrooms and told them it was time we started gearing up for the boards in earnest. We have to write mock exams, I told them. How often would they want to write? I suggested a monthly exercise. Every first week I would host mocks for them. They complained. A unified voice of groaning and moaning. I readied myself with my barrage of responses. It will help. One day, it will come in handy. It is only for the next few months. Cajoling, firmness, enticing, whatever it took to see us through till June. What hit me next will never cease to surprise.

We want once a week, Akka.

And so it began. With the Board itself offering this module only from 2011, my total set of question papers was a grand sum of five. Here were kids demanding one every week. With that started my wrestle with IGCSE. For the last four weeks, I have perpetually either been correcting papers or setting the next week’s papers, or on weeks that I have been lazy/tied up/just not feeling it, eventually both. Sigh.

Last Saturday, I was in Chennai working on another project. I sat at a fancy hotel amidst the who’s who of the business world, convincing them that my laptop was open for their good, that I was planning the next session, readying the next set of slides, what have you. Instead, I had a Word document open simply titled ‘3’. The next window was another one titled ‘3_MS,’ and anyone familiar with the board exam routine should immediately recognise the acronym for ‘marking scheme.’ I sat there slyly working my way through that week’s question paper (the third in the series, to explain the minimalist name), and quickly dispatched it off to the school for printing in time for my arrival on Monday morning. Ten minutes later, my inbox had an email that read a total of one line. Printer not working, Yash. Maybe printing only Tuesday.

And that was the start of it all.

I entered school on Monday morning to a fairly warm welcome. It turns out that my arrival was synonymous with the arrival of question papers. Akka, today we have assessment? Akka, you have question paper? Akka, IGCSE test? I ran off to have a post-train journey shower. Every day for the rest of the week, they asked. They asked. They asked again. And my answer remained the same. Get the printer to work and you shall have your question paper. (One of them offered to go to Kerala to print the paper for me.)

Fast forward to this Monday morning, yesterday, and the printer was working but we had run out of ink, I think. I finally convinced everyone involved to save my soul and get me eight copies for the 10th grade class that day. The catch? The paper was fifteen minutes late in getting printed and needed to be assembled and stapled. Net net, the students would not have had a full two hours to write the paper. We will do it next class, I told them. No Akka, give it to us after school today. We will write it till 6 PM, they said. And so we did. I was rewarded with a share of their coconut bread at the end of that round of invigilation.

And that is how I came to have visitors at 9 PM outside my door today. On my way to dinner, one of them asked me if I had finished correction. I told her I had just gotten done. Word spread fast. Soon, with every helping of rice, I had another student asking me a new question. How much did I get, Akka? Did I do better than last time? Are you happy with my improvement? Did I get more in the reading section or the writing section? I tried to convince them I did not remember every section of each one of their papers by heart. I told them I would show them the next morning. We cannot sleep, Akka. What is the difference between tonight and tomorrow morning, I asked them, slightly bewildered. Exactly, they threw back at me. Show us now.

So as I was finishing dinner, I looked up to see a semicircle of kids hovering behind my shoulder, unsure of how close was okay. They were waiting for me to get up, wash up, and walk up to my room. My customary glass of milk in my hand, I made the walk. Let the milk spill, Akka. I will get you tea in the morning, a girl said. Another saw me opening the door of the kitchenette to put the glass in and wanted to know why I had put the papers in the fridge. By the time I opened my door and brought the papers out, all eight of them were on my doorstep. And we had someone taking our picture.

Every week, these kids write a paper for me. Every week, they compare it against the week before as well as their own personal targets. Every week, they ask me if I am happy with how they have done, whether I can see an improvement. Every week, I am reminded of the strength of their ambition, their undying thirst to be better, learn more, try harder.

Every week, I swallow words of complaint at how I need to make another question paper. When the audience is this committed, isn’t it my job to be better, teach more, try harder?


4 thoughts on “Visitors at 9 PM

  1. That was a very vivid description of the joys of a teacher who engages with her students so passionately as to ignite the desire in them to improve continuously, and enjoy the process! Congratulations for doing a fabulous job. I am sure your students are and will continue to be tangibly and sustainably better off as a result of your efforts. Keep up the good work!

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  2. This just makes me feel so happy. It’s inexplicable,this joy I derive, merely from reading your words. But I feel like I know what it is to look into the bright eyes of those kids and see the mixed emotions staring back at you. Keep up the good work madam!


  3. This is so damn inspiring! I’m sure this blog post would have more than inspired the who’s who in that fancy hotel if you had presented it. The burning desire, the determination, the passion – this leaves me speechless. You’ve painstakingly sown the seeds and it’ll bloom to be such a beautiful tree that it’ll even leave you yourself in amaze and wonder!

    By the way, have we forgotten ‘carbon paper’? 8 copies should be doable using carbon paper and 2-3 rounds. Or can’t the non-10th kids help in writing Q paper? Or even teachers?


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